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Creeping Creationism

Sunday, May 12th, 2013

Even in a system where minimum standards have to be met before students can graduate like in Saskatchewan CA, as in the famous words of Jurassic park’s Dr. Ian Malcolm “[creationism], uh… finds a way.”

In Regina, SK. a Christian school found a way to circumvent the requirement evolution be taught as part of high school biology by not teaching that specific class.

From their web site: (bolding is mine)

Regina Christian School’s high school program offers quality education in all pre-requisite courses for University, Bible College and trade school entrance requirements. At the core of our program, we ensure Saskatchewan curriculum outcomes are met within a Biblical worldview. Teachers are licensed through the Ministry of Learning and are accredited within all high school subject areas except Biology 30. RCS students have been successful in the Biology 30 departmental exam.

Here’s the pertinent standards from the government:



Nothing like killing the chances their kids will move beyond the fast food service industry.