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Gravity Debunked

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

Gravity is not a weighty subject!

For many years we have been told by gravitationists that some thing they call gravity is preventing us from flying off the earth and keeping other planets in orbit about the sun. This is plainly, almost self evidently wrong, and I will give arguments towards proof of this presently.

Ever since Newton was struck on the head by an apple and it finally dawned on him that something was keeping him from floating away (1), science has been off on the wrong track. He noticed that the apple did not just fall, but actually accelerated as it dropped (2). This struck him as unusual so he set out to explain why it occurred. He came up with the idea that some outside force must be constantly pushing on the apple to get it to increase its speed as it fell. This outside force would act much as if an intelligence, such as a human, were to take a stationary apple and apply force to it with their hand. The longer the hand pushes the apple the faster the apple will travel (3).

They had to invent a reason for the speed increase they observed in a falling object so they gave gravity the property of strength reduction as distance increases. This means the closer you are to the source the more it pulls on you. Supposedly this force is so strong at 250,000 miles it keeps the moon from flying off into space. This shows incredible strength. Because gravity doesn’t just affect objects close to the ground but affects things hundreds of miles above the ground it will place stresses on your entire body. To avoid the problem of people’s skins being torn off them they had to come up with something that would affect every atom in an object evenly.

Rather than having faith in known properties, they (scientists) decided they needed to design invisible but all-powerful particles called gravitons to explain this phenomena. Apparently these particles rather than pull just at the part of you closest to the source affect every atom in your body (or other object) (4). Of course these obviously designed particles cannot be observed nor measured in any way. Its almost as if they don’t exist, which of course is my point, they don’t. There is absolutely no empirical evidence of either the particle or it effect.

Scientists again missed the obvious, something that was right in front of them all this time and was known and used at the time – electromagnetism.

Let me explain how this works.

Deep in the earth is a large ball of nickel and iron rotating in a sea of molten metal. Why this ball is not melted is a question we will not explore here because it has no bearing on our discussion. The heat to melt the metal comes from radioactivity deep within the earth. This rotating metal causes earth to have a huge magnetic field surrounding it large enough to extend to the Van Allen belt (5). I would explain how this occurs but I feel the math would be too difficult for the common reader to understand; suffice it to say that it occurs exactly as I’ve stated.

If you take a metal object, say a nail, and move it through a magnetic field, electricity will form within the object. Conversely if you send electricity through or around an object it will create a magnetic field. You can even use this property to create electricity in a non-moving object through a property called inductance. Take two wires, lay the side by side and send electricity through one of them. You can then measure the electricity produced in the other wire. (6)

We know that a magnet has two poles, a positive pole and a negative pole. There is a very strong attractive force between opposite poles of a magnet. Hold the opposite poles of two magnets together and you will observe this force in action. We also know that electricity creates charged ions that are positive if an electron is gained or negative if an electron is lost. These opposites also have an attraction for each other. To test this take a balloon and rub it on your hair, then place it on the ceiling of your home (7). The reason it sticks there is that you exchanged electrons with the balloon and the balloon became charged. The positive electrons in the balloon ‘stick’ to the negative electrons in the ceiling material.

By now you can see where I am going with this and have come to the same intuitive conclusion that I have, the two properties of electromagnetism, electricity and magnetism, are what is holding us to this earth. As we walk or move in any way, we build up either an electrical charge or a magnetic field in our bodies. These fields are then pulled toward the earth by its massive magnetic field and electrical charge. Since our feet move faster than the rest of us they build up the majority of the field so that we don’t need to have every portion of our body affected by the field. Just our feet stick. For those objects unable to move, the wind moves fast enough to cause inductance in those objects so they too are pulled to earth. Unlike gravitons this explanation is easily observed and measured, we know they exist. Gravitons are just suppositions and inventions of a group of hardheaded gravitationists (8).

You see there is no reason to invent scientific particles called gravitons to explain why we don’t just float away, we just need to have faith in our god given reasoning power and trust in the obvious explanation. Although the majority of people will find this explanation more satisfying than the scientist’s explanation and will agree with me, there will be some hard-core gravitationists who will try to deceptively prove me wrong. They will use underhanded tactics like facts, reason, and evidence. Stay strong in your faith that the obvious is the correct answer and don’t be swayed by evidence to the contrary. As in all things, the majority determines truth and since we are the majority we will win.

As always any donations to the cause can be made through my website. We must continue the fight.

(1) I guess some scientists need to be smacked on the head before they will see the obvious.
(2) He must have been able to tell by weighing the apple and measuring the size of the bump on his head
(3) This becomes clearer if we use an object much harder to push, such as a car. Assuming we are strong enough to push the car, as we push, the car will start out slowly and pick up speed until the speed matches the force of our push less the drag of the car (determined by the friction of wheels and bearings).
(4) This is of course why they had to be designed too small to be observed, if not everything would have tiny little holes in it, including us.
(5) A belt of radiation (high energy protons) the earth wears above the equator at about 4000 miles from sea level.
(6) You’ll notice electricity and magnetism can be measured, unlike gravitons.
(7) This is more dramatically demonstrated if you rub the balloon on a cat and then stick the cat on the ceiling. Don’t worry about it falling it will always land on its feet.
(8) Gravitationists are a small but vocal group of scientists that have made a religion out of gravity called gravitism. Because of their intense beliefs it is impossible to change their minds. Don’t even attempt it, in fact stay completely away from them lest they try to brain wash you into disbelieving our science.

A Memory of My Brother’s Death. (Originally posted 2004)

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

Post by Gary Bohn
Well, it’s June 13, 3:40 in the morning, I can hear the rain bouncing off the roof of my condo and I can’t sleep. Today is the 3rd anniversary of my younger brother’s death, or rather today is his birthday, he would have been 45 years old. Every year since his death my family gets together on Rick’s birthday to celebrate his life by participating in one of his passions, golf. He was quite the golfer, in fact he was quite good in everything he did. Anyway, every year my family gets together, coming from different areas of the country, goes out onto the golf course Rick played on almost every summer day to talk about his life, tell stories about him as a kid, laugh at his mis-adventures and sometimes to cry together. This year, because of the rain and a few other problems we won’t be doing that. I guess we won’t be doing anything this year.

Because our parents divorced when we were young and I lived with my dad’s parents and Rick lived with my mother, 150 km away, we didn’t see each other much during our adolescent years. When I was 16 I moved in with my mother and spent 2 years with Rick, another brother and my sister. As we grew up we grew apart and moved to different cities and towns. You’d think that a family torn apart like ours was would be more likely to keep in touch, but no, not my family. It seemed we only got together for weddings and funerals and one golf game every couple of years.
I fix computers for a living (Rick hated the things and wouldn’t touch them) and my customers are all an hour or two away from my home. At least twice a week, for the last 9 years, I drive past the intersection of highway 1 and highway 47. At that intersection is a big sign with the name of the small town he lived in, reminding me that he was only 45 minutes or a phone call away. At the time he died I hadn’t spoken to him for almost two ears.

The stupid thing was that the weekend before his death I told myself to phone him. Because of one thing or another I didn’t, I don’t remember why, I just didn’t. During that week I kept promising myself that I would call him next Sunday when things are quieter for both of us. That Saturday at 4:05 pm my Father phoned to tell me my brother had been killed in a snowmobile accident. I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t say a thing. I kept wanting to ask if he was going to be OK, even though I knew he was dead. Nothing would come out. Later that day when I phoned his wife, Doris, I kept wanting to tell her that if we could get the ambulance to him sooner he would be OK, but I knew that was stupid, so I didn’t. I remember that for months after the same thought kept coming into my mind, that if we get the ambulance to him sooner he would be ok. I knew this was an irrational thought but it kept coming back anyway.
Some days I envy those that can believe in a God and an afterlife. It would sure make days like this easier to deal with.
Well, I can hear the birds chirping outside and the sun is about to come up, I guess I should trundle off to bed and see if I can get some sleep.
Thanks for listening.


This was originally posted on a cold rainy sleepless night.
My brother died January 27 2001.

Creeping Creationism

Sunday, May 12th, 2013

Even in a system where minimum standards have to be met before students can graduate like in Saskatchewan CA, as in the famous words of Jurassic park’s Dr. Ian Malcolm “[creationism], uh… finds a way.”

In Regina, SK. a Christian school found a way to circumvent the requirement evolution be taught as part of high school biology by not teaching that specific class.

From their web site: (bolding is mine)

Regina Christian School’s high school program offers quality education in all pre-requisite courses for University, Bible College and trade school entrance requirements. At the core of our program, we ensure Saskatchewan curriculum outcomes are met within a Biblical worldview. Teachers are licensed through the Ministry of Learning and are accredited within all high school subject areas except Biology 30. RCS students have been successful in the Biology 30 departmental exam.

Here’s the pertinent standards from the government:



Nothing like killing the chances their kids will move beyond the fast food service industry.