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Elephant Dung » Blog Archive » The Canadian Right Believes Combating Terrorism is Sport Hunting

The Canadian Right Believes Combating Terrorism is Sport Hunting

In a recent interview, Justin Trudeau spoke about looking for the root causes of home grown terrorism when asked what he would do if an event like the Boston Marathon bombing happened in Canada. Apparently that was a mistake. So the Canadian right tells us.

They went ballistic after his comments and are now using his response as validation of their previous claim that Trudeau isn’t mature enough to lead the country. What they really mean is Trudeau isn’t violently right wing enough to lead the country. In their eyes, to be right wing enough means to shoot without asking questions because asking questions about root causes precludes the ability to shoot. The PM of Canada, Stephen Harper, went so far as to condemn the act of  ‘committing sociology’ when it comes to terrorist attacks.

A blog comment by a Canadian conservative that equated terrorists with rabid wolves to be shot without worrying about what made them rabid gives us insight into how they would have us deal with home grown terrorism.

Let’s take a trip to ConservaLand and join our friend the conservative inside his well protected, thickly walled compound. Watch while he walks the ramparts with his brand new AR-15 pretending to be officer John McClane  joyously picking off every rabid wolf that wanders into his line of sight. Unfortunately, unknown to him, there are rabid wolves out of his range that are busy spreading their disease to not only other wolves but to skunks, raccoons and even squirrels. The forest around his compound is rapidly filling up with rabid animals, some he would never recognize as dangerous.

Meanwhile, in the next valley over, his liberal neighbour is having a similar problem, except that while he too is protected by walls preventing the rabid wolves from entering his compound he’s busy capturing and quarantining any that come close, so he can determine the root cause of their illness. He’s using that knowledge to develop a vaccine that can be used to inoculate healthy wolves against becoming rabid.

If we skip a few months ahead, we see our friend the conservative still walking the ramparts blasting everything  that moves while yelling “yippee ki-yay mother fucker” and his exhausted family working hard to prevent rabid wolves, skunks, raccoons and squirrels from entering the compound through holes in its deteriorating walls.

Our friend the liberal on the other hand has inoculated all of the local wolves and destroyed what remained of the rabid animals so now has only to deal with the occasional rabid animal that wanders over from ConservaLand. In between those times, he enjoys venturing out of his compound to study the wildlife around him, and sitting in his study reading books.

Which method do you think is the most effective and efficient in dealing with rabid wolves?


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